In Key West-1970
(with Gregory-right)

Early Years

A true Capricorn, Michael Walter Catledge was born on January 9, 1966. He is the eldest son of Juliette Saunders Catledge, originally of Key West, FL, and of Walter Catledge Jr. of Erie, PA. Reared in a single-parent household, the author pays great respect to his mother whom surely struggled day in/day out to provide for Michael and his two brothers, Gregory(b1967) and James(b1981). In the early 1980s, the author's family eventually settled in Tampa, FL where he graduated from Chamberlain High School in 1984.

Julie (aka "Mom")
circa. 1962


Michael entered historical Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, better known as FAMU, in the fall of 1984 to study Architecture. He completed three years of the program before having to return hom to assist his mother financially. In the fall of 1999, the author returned to FAMU, this time to study journalism as he has found a new niche in life as a writer--a craft he picked up in childhood whenever he needed an escape from the harsh realities of everyday life. It was in the world of make-believe (i.e. fiction) that Michael found his solace.

A Diehard Rattler


After leaving college in 1988, the author began working in the private sector, pursuing a career first in the hospitality industry (where he rose to management with a major hotel chain), then tried his hat in retail management--eventually acquiring the position of general manager of a neighborhood cafe corporately owned by a regionally popular coffee and tea company. In 1998, however, he decided to change his life drastically and realign his goals and priorities. Not satisfied with "doin' for" the "man", he is now concentrating on activities that will improve his quality of life-namely, placing God first in all things and writing.

The Author Today


Presently, Michael lives in Tallahassee, FL where his plans to complete college and hone his craft. While awaiting the publication of UNSAID, his debut novel, the author is working on his sophomore piece, the Misedcuation of Ayaiah Kincaid, and is running his own web design firm, Glory2God, which specializes in designing and maintaining websites for churches and other faith-based organizations. He is also editor-in-chief of Praise, an online newsletter that concentrates on issues pertainent to his spiritual home--Flipper Chapel AME Church.